Arteschka Ti'poni On'Natah

Female Blackorc Shaman


about 1,9 meters of hight

Her left tusk is three centimeters long, the right one almost four. Her skin is of black colour with only a hint of green, while her eyes and her hair are dark-brown. She wears her hair in braids

Arteschka has several small scars on her arms and legs and a huge scar on her left arm where the triceps meets the biceps. Apart from that she is a very attractive young woman.

she neglected her skill in Islish. Though she knows this language, she has considerable problems to put the words together correctly. Her skill in Chatter is more developed but not good.

she wears almost no pelts and little amounts of linen and leather. If she has them, she wears knee-high boots.

Her tooth-necklace is composed of two tusks, half a dozen smaller teeth as well as two wolf fangs. In her braids she usually keeps feathers, cobwebs, seeds of dandelions and similar objects. On her left wrist is a gnarly, undecorated bracelet, which resembles a dried root. Her right thigh is adorned with a chain of pieces of rose quartz, amethyst and moonstone.

Other than that, Arteschka wears a woodcarving around her neck, that looks like a spiders web. A third and final necklace is a colourful, woven cord with a dried badgers paw in the throat area.

Arteschka’s other equipment mostly rests in her shaman bag, in a large waxed leather backpack with lots of small sidebags and straps and in some belt pouches & -bags.

The bag is a finely crafted shoulder bag made from hair,

The backpack holds on the outside a sleeping bag, made from animal skins, a dozen javelins, a hatchet and a metal pot.

Brownhoof, is a Polesskaja-like horse, accustomed to the climates of the forested, rolling countries of the northern temperate zone.

Arteschka has some throwing knives made from bone, a heavy three-edged dagger and two regular daggers. All in sheaths at her belt.



I. Blackorc

II. Child of the Wilderness

III. Favored of Maa

IV. Spiritwalker


Arteschka Ti'poni On'Natah

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