Goldir Windcaller

Male Wood Elf Ranger


Key word abilities
Elven Purity of Flesh

Hunter in the Wilds

Voice of Power – Thunderous voice, Quick as the Wind, Soaring Spirits

Mercenary with a Heart of Gold


Usually the lone wolf of the group, he is secretly scared of large groups. He Is ok with a small group, and will regularly entertain his friends with his bardic skills and ancient stories he has learnt over his travels.
He is also equipped for combat, his bow being augmented with short sword blades on each bow limb. He also has a wave-bladed long sword called Scale breaker, which he uses one handed to allow him to bring his quick reflexes to bear in striking and defending. The heaviest piece of armour he wear are a pair of metallic bracers, which appear to be hollow when struck (If you listen closely).
In addition to his talents as a bard, he is also able to summon the power of the Voice. Goldir is able to use the language of the wind spirits to project his will into a three word phrase, and such a phrase can have different effects. He enjoys using the Thunderous might of his voice to shock his enemies before charging into close combat, or to make his arrows more effective.
He is a hardened treasure hunter, able to see valuable things and traps from miles away (Metaphorically). However, he has a soft spot for the poor, and will selflessly give to the poor without a second thought.
(The picture gives you an idea of what he looks like, but isn’t quite what he’s actually wearing)

Goldir Windcaller

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