Female Air-kin


Key Word Abilities
1.Air form
2.Magical test subject
3.Innocent of the ways of the world


Nelja was taken from the orphanage at a young age to take part in an experiment programme. She was turned into an Air-kin and managed to survive after “The Fall” of Taikasaari some time ago.

Having lived for years in an invironment not suited for kids she has formed a very wrong idea about the world and how it works. Proper food, human interactions and even the concept of pain are completely different things for her. You can tell that she has had a very dark past from time to time but in most situations the Air in her head swipes everything.

All Elemental-kind subjects have a “master” or, more correctly, an in charge alchemist for their specific case. Nelja has a very strange relation to hers. As time passed she became very fond of him. Not because of his good looks or his kindnes but because in her socially impared environment anyone that would try to ease the pain or that would postpone a test until she was fully recovered would be considered a friend maybe even a saint.


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