Soulforged Acolyte of St. Martha


Key Word Abilities

  • Body of wood and iron
  • Initiate of St. Martha
  • Son of Forbidden Arts
  • Ex-Circus Performer

Age: Unknown
Height: 6ft 9in
Equipment: voluminous brown robes, rope belt, walking staff, silver holy symbol, leather pouch containing ink and parchment, herbs and candles, sack containing seeds of various flowering or edible plants and gardening trowel.


Vee accepted his freedom gratefully when released from the ownership of the circus. His heart was never into the work there, and he disliked how the animals were treated, and he disliked being viewed as a freak for others’ entertainment. Most of all he relished the idea of discovering his own identity and interests.

But life as a free being was more difficult than he had imagined. He found that Soulforged were often not welcome in many places. One place where he did find welcome however was at the shrine of St. Martha. The monks there seemed to have an answer for every question. Vee envied their simple and pure existence, and sought to become like them by becoming an acolyte. Try as he might, however, Vee was extremely limited in his ability to channel the divine magics. It was as if something in his very nature was inhibiting his connection to St. Martha. Finally, at the urging of Brother Ilramon, Vee ventured out, hoping that this would allow him to advance at last to the next level of his training by spreading the compassion of St. Martha to surrounding areas.


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