Air-kins derived from humans not created by nature but by the countless experiments of alchemists on orphans.

Treated as guineapigs air-kins that survived the excruciating pains of taboo rituals, experimental drugs and skill testing now demostrate remarkable features.

They have the ability to turn their body into air almost at will. Being able to do so makes them perfect for misions of stealth and skill. There have been reports of air-kins being able to pass under closed doors or being able to shut themselves in small spaces. After the latest experiments the subjects that managed to survive even showed the ability to maintain a state in which they wouldn’t disperse or even create currents of air with their body for a short time.

Alchemists used to say that Air-kins were the ones most easy to work with in the lab than any other Elemental-kind. Mostly because of their “forgetfull” nature the subjects would not express feelings of hate or fear towards the alchemists working with them. Working with other Elemental-kinds was much more different.


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