Blackorcs are beings whose appearance is similar to Humans.
They are about 15 centimeters taller and are of a much broader stature than Humans, which is because they are tougher and stronger. A blackorc is less clever and charismatic than an average human. This doesn’t mean a blackorc is stupid or has a plain character. It is more like that they have no need for higher intellectualitly and they know their place in their society, which rids the necessity of a very strong personality.

The lower jaw is slightly larger and features two tusks, about two to five centimeters long. Lost teeth grow back in one years time, are kept (as necklace or in a pouch close to the heart) and are considered proof of a warriors courage & success. The tusks grow back larger each time.
The skin of a blackorc ranges in colour from black as obsidian to a very dark olive-green, although newborn blackorcs are of a greenish violet. Eyes and hair are usually between jet-black and the darker half of brown. The hair begins to turn snow-white (never grey) when they have passed the second third of their lifetime, which is at about 40 years. After reaching this age one is considered an honorable elder. A blackorc reaches adult age at about 15 years.

Blackorcs live in monogamy, exept in times of great death, when they have to replenish their numbers. But females always have the right to turn down a suitor. Blackorc females give usually birth to 2 to 5 children of which about the half dies before reaching adulthood due to “natural selection”.
The oldest male is the chieftain of a tribe, while the two oldest females are usually the spirittalker and the medicine woman (both share the official duty of shaman). Those three, together with the oldest male & female of each family group, form the council of the tribe.

There are several social rituals and protocols which govern the social life of a tribe.
For example:
The older the Blackorc, the more he is in truth. Male or female doesn’t matter. So younger ones have to listen, to learn (especially, when they know, that the older one is actually wrong) and to trust in the older one’s judgement (as well as in his wisdom to find & correct his mistake).

Blackorcs are very spiritual, very close to nature itself and live in harmony with creatures that don’t threaten them in a warlike manner. Males and females hunt & gather together while the young and the infirm do the "house"work.
Every member of the tribe receives early in his live, well before being granted adulthood, a talisman with a symbol or a part of her or his familiar spirit. This marks the final admission into the tribe.
The tribes settle almost everywhere, where a couple of yurts could stand or where usuable caves are. One family shares one yurt, which has to be enlarged occasionally.

Clothing, bags and similar items are normally made of leather, pelts or very rough linen. Tools and weapons are mostly made of wood, leather and/or forged iron. Blackorcs know the wheel but hardly use it. The common use is a large four-wheeled wagon to transport trade goods or the yurts of the tribe.
A tribe usually hunts, gathers and manufactures all that it needs, but sometimes they trade their products for things they don’t come across or produce. Like ore, delicate tools and plants, which don’t grow in the vicinity of the tribe.

Blackorcs don’t use jewelry to simply decorate themselfs. If one wears a necklace, an earring, a bracelet or something the like, then there is personal meaning to the blackorc involved. They do however, use bodypainting.
For example:
When hunting, they use a mixture of colour that resembles the surroundings in patterns like non-parallel stripes, overlapping ripples or even features of a predatory being (like paws, fangs and the pattern of the fur of a jaguar).

The three musical instruments to be found in the blackorc cultural live are drums, rattles and a small harp. The drums come in almost all sizes, from handheld and 30 centimeters in diameter to the very rare “Spirit of Thunder”-named drums with 3 meters hight and width. The rattles have in most cases the shape of an egg with a length of 15 centimeters. The harps are surprisingly fragile instruments, never larger than 25 centimeters in diameter and capable of a mere fairy-like chirping.

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