On Divine Race and Gender

Gods are essentially personifications of abstract concepts or the elements themselves, and therefore have no specific race or gender. Being gods, they can manifest themselves in whatever form they consider appropriate for the situation.

As a rule, when a god has been imbued with race or gender (like in the case of Maa as “Mother Earth”), it is only a matter of mortals associating earth as fecund and birth-giving, not the god’s own identity. This has been exacerbated by the nascence of Islish as a world language – it has gendered nouns, male and female, just like English – whereas the Ancient Tongue has only gender-neutral pronouns. It is probable that Maa would consider the question “Are you male or female?” as non-sensical.

Gods who were born mortal are more likely to retain a gender identity beyond their apotheosis.

This ties into the subject of procreation in Maailma.

On Divine Race and Gender

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