Saint Martha

Some devotees of the gods are able to reach a legendary status of their own and spawn their own cults of worship. But few are so well known as the cult to Saint Martha, a devotee of Armo.

Legend has it that St. Martha brought a thousand years of peace between human and elfkind, and is now worshipped by both races. Before the eve of battle, she sought audience with the elven king R’lomair. He was astonished by her wisdom, beauty, and her divine skill at playing his silver harp which surpassed that of any elf. So impressed was he, that he professed that he had misjudged the entire human race and sought peace.

Some paintings of St. Martha which show her with long black hair secured with a silver hairpin, and the silver harp, both gifts which she accepted from the elven king. Her followers devote themselves to acts of compassion and healing. Some musicians also worship her, due to her fabled skill with the harp.


Saint Martha

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