The body of a Soulforged is a mix of metal and organic materials which vary from one to the next (for example: iron, silver, darkwood, and obsidian). No two soulforged look exactly the same. Their bodies are androgynous in appearance, being neither male nor female.

Soul Echoes

The production of Soulforged was outlawed after the discovery that a dark secret of necromancy lay behind their creation, as each automaton required a trapped soul to animate it. And although the golem has no way of interacting with the soul, it does occasionally experience a memory, feeling, or dream vicariously — sometimes revealing a hint of the former life.

Social Status

In general, they are social outsiders who are nonetheless valued for their useful qualities. Abominations? Maybe. Although, they would have served a wide variety of roles before gaining freedom, so most humans wouldn’t see them as abominations… closer to ex-slaves, at the bottom of the social order. Since a Soulforged’s animating force is an imported soul, they are all effectively undead, but since they have no flesh and have minds beyond that necromantic spark, they don’t carry quite the same social stigma as proper undead.


Elemental damage such as extreme heat can harm them, and if their metal becomes too hot it will continually damage the surrounding organic material. Having said that, they can take a lot of damage, even when they are being damaged continually! Some other things that afflict humans they are completely invulnerable to: like poison, disease, and sleep spores. Ice and cold aren’t particularly harmful to the Soulforged, other than causing them to move slower. However the Soulforged can be stunned or incapacitated by spells that affect the undead, as it targets their control core.


Other than mending spells, the only other way to heal a Soulforged is by some skillful person taking the time to repair it. So their ability to soak up all that damage becomes a delayed expense… eventually they would have to visit a repairs shop and pay to be bent back into shape. An average town smith could fix any non-moving parts; for complete recovery or for fixing moving parts you’d need a master artificer or some fairly formidable magic. A master artificer could also make improvements.


The magic of the soulforged allows it to go on almost indefinitely, but they will wear down slowly over time if not repaired, or they get smashed so badly that no one can reassemble them. Soulforged do suffer mental fatigue, even though their bodies never tire. As you exert yourself mentally, it’s the soul that pays the price and will start to eventually fray at the edges, or even unravel completely.


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